Mostly Human: Hacker Down: ISIS’ Twitter Star

Taken from Mostly Human With Laurie Segall (series), CNN


Summary: The article discusses one of ISIS’s most dangerous members, a man who is both famous for his lethal personality and, apparently, his Twitter-famous status. It introduces Hussain as not only dangerous due to his hacking capabilities, but mostly due to his social media influence.

Evaluation: The article (well, the transcript from the segment) was quite well-done, and seemed like a news article in and of itself. The writer of the transcript did not opine upon many subjects, which made the transcript far more interesting.

Photograph: The photograph is a simple profile photo of the subject of the article (Hussain). This is appropriately placed within the article/transcript, as the piece is about Hussain.


What the Samsung S8 means for the iPhone 8

By Heather Kelly, CNNTech


Summary: The article essentially discusses Samsung’s new smartphone release (the Samsung S8), and the way in which the announcement affects Apple’s new release of the iPhone 8. The article explains the fact that the Samsung S8 smartphone contains all of the add-ons that Apple had promised, which therefore heightens the anticipation for Apple (as well as heightening the pressure) and its new product.

Evaluation: The article is, in fact, a tech-related article, but, despite this, is not overtly casual. It is not extremely formal, but is not extremely laid-back. It relays the information correctly and without hindrances.

Photograph: The photograph is a simple one – it is a photo of the soon-to-be-released Samsung S8 smartphones – a photo which clearly displays the extent of the company’s new phone add-ons.

A Landslide at a Landfill in Ethiopia kills 35

(This article is meant for March 12th, 2017)

By J.Weston Phippen, The Atlantic


Summary: The article concerns an occurrence in Ethiopia during which the amount of garbage in a landfill located on the outskirts of Ethiopia’s capital caused a landslide, resulting in the death of thirty-five individuals.

Evaluation: The article is extremely brief, and can be considered a news article due to its apparent lack of opinion and/or “weighing-in” on the subject. It does not have an extreme amount of substance, but is still quite informative.

Photograph: This photograph is appropriate due to its detailing of the event (using a single photograph) and relevancy to the topic.

Trying to find love as a transgender man

By Tiara Chiaramonte, C.N.N.,



The article details the love life of a straight transgender man – a man to whom many self-identifying straight women seem to not be attracted due to his apparent “lack of something,” as he says when interviewed. As per his experience, many straight women do not wish to date a trans man who has not yet had bottom surgery.


The article is what seems to be a very heart-warming article (not a news article, per se) that belongs in the Health&Relationships section (which I believe it is). It contains quite a few opinions, and draws readers using emotional appeal.


The photograph is appropriate, as it is relevant to the individual in question’s gender identity (a topic which the article seems to be centered upon).


White House blocks CNN, other news organizations from press briefing

By Dylan Byers, Sara Murray, and Kevin Liptak, CNN



The article primarily discusses Trump’s recent decision to block CNN and other ‘liberal’ news organizations (essentially, news organizations with a tendency to criticize Trump’s ridiculous behavior). Quote: “The meeting, known as a gaggle, was held in lieu of the daily televised Q-and-A session in the White House briefing room.”

(*NOTE: Among those excluded were: The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico, BuzzFeed, BBC, and the Guardian)



This article is most certainly a news article, as it does not expressly state blatant opinions, but simply conveys them through quotes from CNN reporters. This article is not opinionated enough to be considered an opinion piece.


The photograph reflects the appearance the press briefing that would occur (normally), and is quite appropriate to use upon speaking of this topic.

Former NSA Contractor Indicted For Allegedly Stealing Classified Information

By Matt Vasilogambros, The Atlantic

(edit: This article was posted on The Atlantic on February 8, 2017. Apparently, this had failed to post on February 8th.)



The article mainly concerns a federal grand jury’s indictment of a former National Security Agency contractor on Wednesday with charges of stealing classified defense information (name: Harold Thomas Martin III).

Evaluation: The article is very short, likely a flash article – it is clearly meant to inform a reader of an occurrence, but briefly. It does not have enough material to be correctly classified as a news article, but can be considered one.


The photograph appears to be a National Security Agency/US Cyber Command/Central Security Service sign, which can be spoken of in relation to this topic (due to the individual’s former position as a National Security Agency contractor).

George Takei: On this Remembrance Day, I hear terrible echoes of the past

By George Takei, CNN



Appropriately categorized within the Opinion section of CNN’s website, this article concerns Takei’s personal experience with WWII prison camps and the manner in which it had affected his views concerning deportation and imprisonment of certain minorities. This article also, in a deeply personal way, explains the connection between what had happened in 1942 by order of Ronald Reagan and what is happening now (in 2017) by order of Donald Trump.


The article is extremely personal (the opinions stated on it being almost entirely based upon individual experience of the author), and appears to have the purpose of opening a reader’s eyes to the injustice that exists within Trump’s presidency.


The photograph is one of George Takei, which is appropriate, as the article is essentially a memoir and argument (put into one) based upon his life and experiences. Photos of Japanese prison camp inhabitants in 1942 are also featured in this article.

Timeline: What we know about the Trump campaign, his White House and Russia


Summary: The article is a clear run-through of a series of incidents that can be correlated with Trump’s presidency and the occurrences that have followed Trump’s inauguration (including occurrences prior to Trump’s presidency) that can be placed in relation with Russia.

Evaluation: The article is categorized as a timeline, and portrays accurate information through a concise telling of a series of events.

Photograph: This is the photograph that the article had displayed on the page of the article. The photograph is one of a black-and-white Donald Trump standing against a backdrop of the American flag and the Russian flag.

Sexual, political, radical: How women photographers see themselves — and each other

By Emily Butler, CNN


Summary:  The article discusses women’s experimentation with photography, and the representation of feminist/egalitarian topics embedded within the messages of these simple photos.

Evaluation: The article is not entirely an article based upon cold, hard facts – rather, it is a celebration or a remembrance of the diversity and boldness of female photographers, and the way that these revolutionary photographers “[offer] visionary images of themselves and their peers.”

Photograph: This photograph is appropriate (due to relevancy), as it is an example of a visionary photo taken by a female photographer about women (“exploring how women have presented themselves in photography and video art”).

You participated in the Women’s March. Now what?

By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN


Summary: The article mainly focuses upon the Women’s March, and what an individual can do in order to support causes that hold protests/parades similar to the Women’s March. The article tells readers to volunteer about a group that they care about, to support progressive candidates in swing districts, to send a postcard to Senators, and meeting representatives in person.

Evaluation: The article is not, in any way, entirely opinionated – though it does contain a minimal amount of opinion-based facts, no real fabrications of the mind are presented.

Photograph: The photograph is of a woman wearing the American flag as a hijab. This is an appropriate photo, as the woman depicted in the photo was likely alongside other individuals in the Women’s March (which is the main focus of the passage). The American-flag hijab could also act as symbolism in the minds of some readers.